Consuela Clutch Intro and Tester Photos!!

The Consuela Clutch is the most recent pattern release!  It features six card slots and a bill pocket on the inside, secured by a top zipper closure.  There is a separate coin pocket on the front of the clutch, which is super handy for easily accessing your cash and coins!  And, what a perfect place to showcase a tiny bit of your most favorite fabric!!  Finally the wrist strap makes it easy to grab and go on its own, or the size is small enough to stash away in your bag as your everyday wallet!
My testers did a really amazing job with their Consuela Clutches <3
Line made this super cute Consuela using Uncorked fabric - cotton fabric that looks like cork!  I love the adorable bears on the front pocket!
Mary-Nell of Nellie Blue's Place made several Consuela Clutches!  Here are two of hers, where she used some of the new Tula Pink De La Luna fabric!  These are so gorgeous!!
Elizabeth of Cool Lizzie made this adorable Consuela!
Brianne made this super adorable ladybug Consuela.  She excluded the card pockets in her clutch, which left her with the option to omit the final topstitching around the end panels!  This is an option that makes the clutch much more beginner friendly! (Just keep in mind, if you use the card slots, the final topstitching is necessary!)
Rebecca used Alison Glass fabrics to make her Consuela!  
Aimeee used cork fabric for her exterior, with a translucent vinyl for the front pocket!! I must say, it looks amazing!!  Cork would make this so difficult, but she really rocked it!
Abbe of Just an E used some out of print Tula Pink Saltwater fabric for her Consuela.  I love everything about this!
Melissa's Consuela is really amazing!  
Dawn used Essex Linen with Alison Glass accents which gives the clutch a sophisticated look.  You can find Dawn on Instagram!
Sandra's Consuela has snazzy zipper pulls, and I like the look of the the O-Ring on the connector!
Last, but not least, Joanne made two Consuela Clutches!  She did the front pocket just a little differently on the second, and it is totally cute that way too!
I hope you have been inspired by my testers photos!!  It was a lot of fun to see them all.  Be sure to join us in the Sincerely Jen Patterns Facebook Group so you can share your photos as well!  You can buy the pattern here!

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