Tribbiani Traveler Trio Intro and Tester Photos

The Tribbiani Traveler Trio pattern includes three sizes to suit all of your traveling needs. One interior zipper pocket and a classically clean exterior make this the perfect bag for adding your own personalized embellishments.  Easily add pockets on the exterior or interior.  Add embroidered patches or fun fabric panels, the options are endless!  Get creative!
Lets take a look at the bags my amazing testers made.  
We're going to start with Abbe, of Just An E.  She is a serious rockstar and she made all three sizes!!  Plus she used this super cool custom fabric that is no longer available.  I'm in awe of these bags!
Brianne, of Cookies & Bees, made the Small Tribbiani Traveler.  She omitted the webbing and added some super cool strap connectors!  This shows how the bag can be dressed up as a handbag!
Gabriela of Lola-la made a Medium Tribbiani Traveler.  She used 1" webbing and the cutest embroidery design!  She also made a matching Banana Hammock Beauty Bag - AMAZING set!!!
Laurie Dasso, of Laurel Dasso Leathers, made a super classy Small Tribbiani Traveler with a gorgeous neutral leather.  She made a custom embroidered strap for the bag that seriously takes it up a notch!
Louise, owner of Sew Sofia, used a laminated exterior fabric and vinyl bottom panel.  This is the small size and I think it would make an amazing everyday bag!
Valerie, of Gracie and Sam, makes the most amazing bags from leather and woven wraps!  True to her style, she used a Woven Wings Wrap with a scrumptious caramel leather.  She added an overlay on the main panels and added slip pockets on the ends.  Just goes to show how easily this bag can be customized!
Susan used a purple leather to make a medium Tribbiani Traveler - it is STUNNING!!!  You can find Susan on Instagram @ksmhandcraftedcreations.
Now that you've had a chance to oogle over all of the tester bags, head on over to the pattern shop to grab yourself a copy of this pattern!  You can purchase HERE!

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